Biota’s healthy lunch

(Many people I met while traveling asked me to change my blog language from Dutch to English. I’ll give it a try.)

After half a week of feeling more terrible every subsequent hour (apparently I’m not only allergic to the protein “gluten” in wheat, but also to another protein this grain contains*) I comforted myself with a lunch visit to Biota, the glutenfree restaurant in Ghent. My friend Lotte joined me, it was time to get updated about each others’ travelings and lives.

Coming in, hustle and bustle and the sweet owners Aline and Catalina welcomed us. We looked for a nice place in the back of the restaurant. We could serve ourselves with free tap water and we could take a drink from the fridge as well. I chose a Bionina grapefruit juice and a matching glass ;).

We ordered our lunch at the bar and only 20 minutes later, we got a delicious meal. Lotte took the daily lunch, a vegan carrot spaghetti , and Aline made me a customized version of it: a vegan oriental quinoa plate with carrot spaghetti. It was delicious, allergilicious (ingredients: quinoa, curry, carrots, vegan cheese, raisins, corn and fresh herbs) and the right portion to be full but not overeaten.

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When we went to the bar to pay (price: 13 euros), Aline told me that all my food allergies make a cooking challenge she likes to accept. This is so nice to hear!

I enjoyed the chatting with Lotte and the good food. Worth repeating! Who’s joining next?


*I was very enthusiastic when I discovered a glutenfree allergyfriendly (I thought so) bread in the freezer of the supermarket on Sunday morning. There were even pistolets from the same brand I could eat. I enjoyed two pistolets for my Sunday breakfast and four slices of bread for late lunch. The same evening, I drank a glass of wine and I felt immediately terrible (because of the histamines in the wine that accelerate and worsen an allergic reaction). I didn’t know what was going on.

On Monday morning, I had stomach cramps and a mild headache. After lunch (and another four slices of the bread), my schoulder muscles blocked and my headache was worse. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought it was due to the malaria medication I still had to take some more weeks.

On Tuesday morning, I felt terrible. The mild symptoms had worsened: enormeous cramps, heavy headache and completely blocked neck and shoulders. I didn’t know what was going on. That day I ate two more pistolets and four slices of bread.

Wednesday after lunch (consisting of two pistolets again), I was done with the pain and discomforts. I felt worse every next hour. I realised that the only new thing I’ve had eaten the last days was the bread, so I had (again) a closer look to the ingredients. Glutenfree wheat was one of them. I didn’t consider it as something bad for me before. “Wheat consists of four proteins, so not only the protein ‘gluten’, allergic reactions to the other proteins are possible as well”, Google told me. Now I knew what was going on. No more (glutenfree) wheat for me. I feel so stupid. It might take some days before I am and feel healthy again.


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